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CEREC Crowns – Northborough, MA

High-Quality Crowns in a Single Appointment

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If you have ever received a dental crown before, you might remember a rather lengthy process. First, your dentist had to prepare your tooth and take impressions. Then, you had to wear a temporary crown for a few weeks while a laboratory created your permanent one. Today, a more streamlined crown process is available thanks to CEREC technology. In fact, your dentist in Northborough may be able to create a brand-new, high-quality crown for you in a single appointment!

Why Choose Northborough Dental Associates for CEREC Crowns?

What Is CEREC Technology?

Dental team member placing porcelain into milling unit

CEREC is an acronym that stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics. It refers to a technology that allows dentists to design and create dental crowns in a single appointment. Here is a basic overview of how it works:

In most cases, the entire CEREC process takes just a couple of hours.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns

Man in white shirt enjoying benefits of CEREC dental crowns

CEREC crowns offer numerous benefits, including:

Cost of CEREC Crowns

Illustration of CEREC crown being placed on prepared tooth

Because of the advanced technology used to create CEREC crowns, many people assume that they cost more than their traditional counterparts. However, that is not true in most cases. The cost of a CEREC crown is comparable to the cost of a traditional crown made out of similar materials. Plus, most dental insurance policies are willing to cover about half the cost of a CEREC crown. Our team will be happy to help you use your insurance to your greatest advantage. We also offer convenient financing options for patients who do not wish to or cannot pay for the entirety of their treatment upfront.

Would you like to learn more about CEREC crowns, or are you ready to schedule your consultation? Contact Northborough Dental Associates today. 

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