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Metal-Free Dental Restorations – Northborough, MA

Beautiful, Biocompatible Tooth Repair

Woman using mirror to admire metal-free restorations in Northborough

Many types of traditional crowns, bridges, and fillings are constructed out of metal. While metal is extremely durable, it comes with some notable disadvantages, including the fact that it does not look remotely natural in the mouth. We know that many of our patients are concerned with aesthetics, which is why we are proud to offer metal-free restorations that blend in seamlessly with the color of the surrounding dentition.

Why Choose Northborough Dental Associates for Metal-Free Restorations?

What Are Metal-Free Restorations?

Three ceramic dental crowns on dark reflective surface

Metal-free restorations are crowns, bridges, and fillings that do not contain any metal. Metal-free crowns and bridges are usually made out of dental porcelain (which is otherwise known as dental ceramic). Metal-free fillings are made out of a flexible resin that contains tiny particles of glass and plastic.

Metal-free restorations can be used for all of the same purposes as their traditional metal counterparts. For example, they are excellent for stopping dental decay, protecting damaged or weak teeth, and replacing lost teeth. In some cases, metal-free restorations are used solely to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile.

How Do Metal-Free Restorations Work?

To place a metal-free restoration, a dentist must select the best color for the restoration and then prepare the tooth that will receive it. This preparation often involves removing areas of decay and/or shaping a tooth so that the restoration will not look bulky or unnatural. If you are going to receive a crown or bridge, our team will need to take some impressions of your teeth. Your dentist will send those impressions, along with detailed design notes, to the laboratory that will create your restoration. Once your restoration is ready, your dentist will verify that its color, shape, and size are perfect before they permanently place it in our mouth.

Why Would I Opt for Metal-Free Restorations over Traditional Restorations?

Close-up of man’s smile with beautiful metal-free restorations

The natural-appearance of metal-free restorations is their most well-known benefit. Some of their additional advantages include:

Cost of Metal-Free Restorations

Dentist and patient discussing cost of metal-free restorations

In most cases, the cost of metal-free restorations is in the same ballpark as the cost of metal restorations. Our team will be happy to give you an estimate for the cost of your procedure when you visit us for a consultation. The price of your restoration will depend on the material used to make it and the extent of the necessary treatment. In most cases, dental insurance is willing to cover a significant portion of the cost of metal-free restorations.

Are you interested in learning more about metal-free restorations? Contact Northborough Dental Associates today.

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