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Smile Makeover – Northborough, MA

A Dramatic Transformation for Your Teeth

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Do your teeth suffer from multiple or complex issues that rob them of their aesthetic potential? Many patients dislike the color, size, and shape of their teeth. In some cases, aesthetic concerns are also indicative of serious oral health problems. What can you do to transform your smile’s appearance and bolster your mouth’s overall wellness? Visit our team to talk about our smile makeover service. Our goal is to help you love the way your teeth look and feel.

Why Choose Northborough Dental Associates for a Smile Makeover?

Do I Need a Smile Makeover?

Happy patient and dentist discussing smile makeover plan

To discern whether you need a smile makeover, you should first understand what a smile makeover is. It is not a specific dental treatment. Rather, it is a personalized treatment plan that aims to correct everything you dislike about your smile’s appearance. It is generally suited for patients who have multiple or complex issues affecting their teeth. In addition to improving the way your smile looks, a smile makeover may also have significant oral health benefits.

Some of the issues that a smile makeover can address include:

Which Dental Services Are Part of a Smile Makeover?

Close-up of beautiful teeth after smile makeover services

A smile makeover can include both cosmetic and restorative services. Here are some examples of procedures that might be part of your treatment plan:

The Smile Makeover Process

Patient admiring her smile after smile makeover process

The smile makeover process begins with a consultation. Your dentist will get to know you and your goals for treatment. You will also undergo a comprehensive exam. Then, our team will be able to start planning your smile makeover and discuss our recommendations with you. Once you begin treatment, it may be just a few appointments before you achieve your final results. For more complex cases, the smile makeover process may take several months or longer.

The Lasting Benefits of Smile Makeovers

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When you choose to undergo a smile makeover, you will rightly expect to achieve more attractive teeth. However, that is just one of the many benefits that you may experience. Some additional advantages of this service include:

Are you ready to discover what a smile makeover might be able to do for you? Contact Northborough Dental Associates today.

Smile Makeover FAQs

Smiling woman with perfect teeth after smile makeover

Are you interested in achieving a new look via a customized smile makeover by our Northborough dental team? If so, we are ready to consult with you. Still, we understand if you want more information before you commit to anything. To help you better understand the process in front of you, we have put together the following list of smile makeover FAQs, along with succinct answers. If your questions are not addressed here, reach out to us directly. We look forward to talking with you.

Is a Smile Makeover Safe?

When they are carried out by a qualified professional, smile makeovers tend to be quite safe. The procedures involved in this service, such as whitening, bonding, veneers, and more, use materials that are extremely unlikely to cause harm.

If you have any circumstances that might make a smile makeover somewhat risky for you, we will let you know your options. For example, we will not place a veneer on a decayed tooth before the decay is treated. After you receive a filling or other restoration, though, you might be able to move forward with cosmetic services.

Does a Smile Makeover Hurt?

We aim to make treatment as comfortable as possible for our patients. If a procedure might cause pain, we will thoroughly numb your mouth so you will feel little to nothing. Some treatments, such as veneers and whitening, may cause a temporary increase in dental sensitivity. This issue usually wears off quite quickly.

If orthodontia will be part of your smile makeover, you can expect to experience some soreness as your appliances apply pressure to your teeth. We will give you tips to help you keep discomfort to minimum.

How Long Does Cosmetic Dentistry Last?

Different cosmetic treatments have different life expectancies. For example, dental bonding may last for a few years. Teeth whitening could last anywhere from a few months to a few years. Veneers and metal-free crowns have the potential to last for decades, and the results from clear aligners should endure throughout your lifetime.

We will give you guidance to help the results of your cosmetic services last as long as possible. This typically includes tips on oral hygiene and information on how to protect your teeth against damage.

Is a Smile Makeover Covered by Insurance?

Most of the treatments typically involved in a smile makeover are purely elective. Therefore, dental insurance does not cover them. However, there might be some exceptions. For example, if you need a crown to protect a damaged tooth, your policy might cover up to half of its price. Similarly, if your insurance includes coverage for orthodontia, it might significantly reduce your out-of-pocket obligation for clear aligners.

Our insurance-friendly team will be happy to help you navigate your benefits and use them in the most advantageous way.

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