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Root Canal Therapy – Northborough, MA

Relieve Your Pain and Save Your Tooth

Man looking at dental x-rays during root canal therapy visit

When the interior portion of a tooth, called the pulp, suffers infection or damage, root canal therapy may become necessary. Although this treatment has a reputation for being painful and extremely unpleasant, it is actually designed to relieve pain, not cause it. Most patients are pleasantly surprised by how comfortable root canal therapy in Northborough, MA is. Plus, because it has the potential to prevent extractions, it can save patients from the expense of undergoing tooth replacement later on.

Why Choose Northborough Dental Associates for Root Canal Therapy?

How Root Canal Therapy Works

Model of the inside of a healthy tooth

After we make sure the patient is comfortable, we carefully access the interior portion of the tooth. Then, we use special tools to remove any damaged or infected tissue. We also remove the nerve that was sending pain signals to the pain. To help the treated tooth keep its structure, we fill it in with a material called gutta percha. Most teeth that have undergone a root canal require a crown in order to remain strong and functional. Depending on the extent of the treatment needed, the root canal procedure may take place across one or more appointments.

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