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5 Reasons to Have Your Overbite Corrected

July 8, 2022

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Illustration of overbite in Northborough that should be corrected

In a healthy, well-aligned bite, the upper teeth rest slightly in front of the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. However, when the gap between the upper and lower teeth becomes too large, it becomes a condition known as overbite. If you have an overbite in Northborough, there are multiple reasons why you should consider having it corrected. This blog post discusses just a few of those reasons.

Facial Aesthetics

While an overbite makes it appear that the upper teeth are too far forward, in reality, the lower teeth are set too far back. This can cause you to look like you have a weak chin. It may also cause the appearance of “buck teeth.” Correcting an overbite through orthodontia may help your face to have a more balanced, attractive appearance.

Protect Your Oral Health

A significant overbite, particularly when it is accompanied by overcrowding, can make it difficult to thoroughly clean your teeth. Over time, plaque and bacteria may accumulate in your mouth, increasing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. An overbite may even cause gum recession because the lower teeth press can into the roof of the mouth, hindering the health of the soft oral tissues. Addressing an overbite and overcrowding can make it much easier for you to maintain a clean and fresh mouth, which can spare you from the need for extensive restorative treatment down the road.

Improve Your Speech

A significant overbite may lead to a lisp or whistle as you speak. This, in turn, could adversely affect your confidence, especially when you meet new people or have to give a presentation in front of a group. By properly aligning your teeth and jaws, you can correct the underlying cause of speech issues.

Prevent Premature Wear and Tear

An overbite affects the way teeth slide past one another and interact with one another during chewing. This issue can cause premature wear and tear on the tooth enamel, causing it to become thin and fragile well before its time. You are likely to experience increased dental sensitivity as a result. Addressing your overbite in a timely manner may be able to prevent this type of dental damage.

Enjoy Easy Treatment

The best way to correct an overbite varies from patient to patient. Some severe cases require surgery. However, most instances of overbite can be addressed with convenient, discreet Invisalign clear aligners. Along with the proper accessories, they can shift teeth into their proper positions and train the lower jaw to rest where it should.

Correcting an overbite has the potential to improve your appearance, protect your oral health, and boost your confidence! Why not visit a dentist to get started with treatment as soon as possible?

Meet the Practice

Northborough Dental Associates is home to a team of talented dentists, specialists, and staff members. Invisalign clear aligners are one of the many treatments we offer. If you are concerned about how your overbite is affecting your appearance or oral health, we would be happy to help you get started on correcting it. Contact us at 508-571-0358 to learn more about us and how we may be able to serve you.

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