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Why Do Braces Make Your Teeth Feel Loose?

August 22, 2023

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In most circumstances, a loose permanent tooth is a dental emergency. You should seek care right away so a professional can provide appropriate treatment and possibly spare you from a brand new gap in your smile. But what if your teeth seem a bit unsecure in their positions because you are wearing braces? Should you be concerned? Why exactly do braces make your teeth feel loose? Read this blog post to discover useful information.

How Do Braces Work?

In order to understand why braces are making your teeth feel loose, you should be familiar with the basic concepts of orthodontic care.

Teeth are not directly bound to the jawbone. Rather, they are secured in place via little pieces of connective tissue called periodontal ligaments. Ligaments are somewhat stretchy, and they give your teeth a slight natural capacity for movement.

When braces apply pressure to your teeth, the stretch one side of the ligaments and compress the other. Over time, this pressure allows the teeth to be repositioned. As the teeth move, the jawbone remodels itself to accommodate them in their new places.

Should You Worry about Loose Teeth While Wearing Braces?

The stretching and compressing of the periodontal ligaments (the ligaments around teeth) causes the teeth to become loose. This is a normal part of orthodontic treatment — it can actually mean that your braces are doing a good job!

There is no need to worry that braces might make your teeth fall out. Even as the ligaments are being manipulated, they remain healthy and stay firmly attached to both your teeth and the surrounding jawbone.

When Are Loose Teeth Something to Be Concerned About?

If you ever feel like one or more of your teeth are too loose, you should talk to your dentist. This is especially important if you took a fall, had an accident during a sports game, or you notice other signs of damage to the tissues around your teeth, such as gum recession or swelling. Your dentist will carefully evaluate the situation and recommend your next steps.

Depending on why the tooth is loose, is might be necessary to temporary remove your braces so you can receive necessary treatment.

Loose teeth with braces might alarm you at first, but they are usually not an issue. They can actually be a sign that your smile is moving in the right direction!

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